The Exclusive Mynett Rental Advantage:

  • 100% of your rental fees go toward purchase of instrument - no hidden service or interest fees
  • Lowest monthly rates, guaranteed to never go up from start to finish of your rental plan
  • Free maintenance and repairs done locally by our award-winning techs
  • No long term commitment - return instrument anytime
  • Liberal discounts if you decide to buy early


An instrument that looks much like a clarinet but that uses a “double reed” to produce a sound that’s bright and penetrating. It's the instrument used to tune an orchestra. We offer high quality, name brand instruments such as Selmer, Yamaha, and more.

UsedRent-to-Own$40.00 Down Payment, $60.00 per Month
Previously owned, set up in our service department, more obvious wear and tear to the instrument. Quantities are extremely limited - first come, first served.

Most Popular Accessories:
• Music Stand
Using a folding music stand ensures that your lesson book will be properly positioned for your height so that you learn to breathe properly and/or to play with the correct technique.
• Care Kit
Care kits provide everything needed to keep your instrument in top-notch condition for extended life and ease of playing.
• Method Books
Select from school-approved books. Your teacher will tell you which book is preferred.
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